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Connell Plumbing - Oak Lawn, IL

Clogged Drain and Faucet Repair near Oak Lawn, Illinois

Residents of Oak Lawn, are you looking for a team of professionals that can provide you with plumbing, water heater repair or toilet replacements? We are happy to provide you with excellent results on all of your necessary plumbing contractor needs.

We are located in Brookfield, Illinois, but have extended our helping hands to areas like Connell Plumbing as well. Since we opened our business in 1954, we have been dedicated to providing our community with the most honest and affordable services.

Have you noticed that you have a leaking sink or a toilet that keeps running water? We have the best team of plumbing contractors to help you out.

It is crucial that you receive routine plumbing services to save yourself from disastrous results down the road. Small leaks can lead to broken sewer lines, resulting in a flood.

Rest assured our teams would provide you with a free estimate, and educate you on the options you have. This process will help you uncover problems that you didn't know you had, and stop them before they happen!

Many clients seek our services when they are experiencing sewer problems. Our experts will inspect your pipes and remove clogged drains that may be causing you trouble.

Another one of our common services includes faucet and sink repairs. While these issues are small, the damages that can be made are significant!

Mold, mildew, and drywall damaged can be costly to repair, which is why it’s important to receive frequent plumbing inspection and maintenance. All of your plumbing services will be backed by a 6-year warranty on parts.

If you were living in the Oak Lawn area, speak with us today at (708) 316-7918 and learn more about our incredible services. Call now at (708) 316-7918 and one of our friendly associates will be glad to assist you in your time of need.

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